Product Line

Focusing on a few areas that cover robotics and green energy, we strive to provide our clients with new innovative products that are relevant in our educational market

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FuelCell Technologies

The products from Fuel Cell having been exclsusive to us is to encourage students, teachers, and hobbyists around the world to “go green” and learn and utilize sustainable, renewable energy sources. For more information, pls proceed to our green store for all your needs

Wireless and FPGA Products

Having been exclusive agency for Terasic Technologies, they are the leading developer and provider for FPGA-based hardware & complex system solution. With twenty years of experience in developing high-end solutions for the industrial and FPGA system markets, our team provides the first-class design-to-order services for high speed boards and custom rugged system solutions

VR technology

We represent a wide range of the latest VR products in the current industry that includes

HTC, Oculus, Samsung, Pico, Google, HP and Sony VR. Pls contact us for your VR needs and we can advice the type of VRs to suit your industry needs. Training on the usage can be arrange for your school.

Robotic Products

Robotics are essential to power the automation of your business. These high accuracy platforms are ideal for working environments where people are near by, featuring built in collision detection & avoidance. Robot arms are also intended to be far simpler to deploy. Physically pose and capture movements with the touch of a button and record sequences of movements without any programming knowledge. Visual programming interfaces also make setting up your automation attainable for those with no coding experience.

Microwave and RF Products

Broadband components and test instruments intended to serve the test and measurement industry. The product line focus on excess speed and electrostatic-protected instruments including broadband baluns, TDRs, impulse generators, harmonic mixers, DC block capacitors, bias tees, and high-speed samplers to meet application or test specifications, enabling customers to access advanced test and measurement technology at affordable prices

Signal Path Analyzers™, TDRs, and other Test Instruments

Our instruments feature TDRs and analyzers with 1-20 channels, single-ended and differential capabilities, rise times as fast as 35 ps, and a wide variety of port connector options. Some even offer ESDS Class 2 static-robustness.

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